Welcome to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation in Orsa!

We hope that you, member as well as non-member, will want to participate in our activities. Unless otherwise stated, they are free of charge, no pre-registration is required and you can normally travel in accessible vehicles from any gathering place to event venue.

We do

  • The meadows

    We manage several hay meadows that are worth preserving

  • Flower walks

    We meet a few evenings in June for hiking in flowery environments

  • Study Circles and Lectures

    In cooperation with Studiefrämjandet, we organize circles and courses according to the wishes of the members.

  • Network/Project

    The Forest Group monitors forest issues.

    “Orsa Kolkraft” works with kolmila, forging and forest history.

    The study group “Kitchen Plant Cultivation” wants to teach in and out their own food production.