Orsa Fair

A warm welcome to the exciting Orsa Fair -Body, Soul & Heart- , Magic Market and Orsa Ink Tattoo.
OrsaMässan – Body, Soul & Heart – is the complete fair for inner & outer beauty. Here you will meet famous names and brands in tarot, medium, beauty, tattoo artists, shamans, natural medicine, healers, clothing designers, etc.
The elite in each area gathered at Orsa homestead. The fair takes place at the end of April and at the beginning of November each year.
Magic Market – is a meeting place for different worlds. Here, people come together from different ages, cultures and traditions to showcase their art and craft.
Here you will find creativity in all its forms. Come and take part in arts and crafts from both the present and the past. But we are not just moving in the times you already know. No, all the way back to the time of fairy tales and myths, we go. From the far mountains of the north and to the east comes the art of Galdra. The art of coaxing out legends and songs from the Origin itself. We also open the door to the new art with beautifully inspired craftsmanship for all to see.
Arranged in collaboration by Jemth Utveckling and Center of the World Publishers
The Magic Market is recurring every year at the end of July, at the beautiful homestead in Orsa.
Orsa Ink TattooMässa – A warm welcome to Orsa’s first tattoo fair where you get to meet the best tattoo artists in Dalarna & Sweden.
Take the opportunity to make the tattoo you have long dreamed of! Competitions and other fun.
Good food and drinks will be served by Lilla Sällskapet.
A warm welcome to Skeer in Orsa in mid-September.
Warm regards
Britt-Marie Jemth
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