Treasure Kid Independent School

Skattunge Friskola (economic association) is a small village school with associated after-school recreation centre and preschool in Orsa Municipality. We have school from F-class to year 6. We have about 50 children throughout the business.

The entire Skattunge Friskola is profiled towards outdoor life and positive encounters with nature. The preschool is part of Friluftsfrämjandet’s I your and Skur activities.

We take advantage of the beautiful surroundings and the direct proximity to forest, water and wilderness. The school has a cooking kitchen and cooks its own food from scratch. The school building also has a fully equipped gymnasium and woodworking hall. Skattunge friskola has an agreement with Orsa municipality regarding special educators and student health, and follows Orsa municipality’s continuing education efforts for teachers and staff.

Skattungbyn with its approximately 320 inhabitants is beautifully located with breathtaking views of the rolling blue mountains of Finnmarken, 16 km from Orsa.

We welcome new children and students to our school!

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Skattunge Church Road 7
79495 Skattungbyn