Sausage factory in Skattungbyn

Come and visit our farm shop at the top of Skattungbyn! Here we offer a wide range of charcuterie, meat and food crafts. Lamb and mutton come from Borggården where the farm shop is also located, the beef also comes from the village and Tugagården. Charcuterie production is done artisanally and on a small scale. Here you can find 4-7 weeks of hung tenderized t-bone or steak great to grill or try one of our fresh sausage varieties, salami and why not taste the popular lard bands!

Info about opening hours etc. can be found via the website, Facebook or our newsletter by e-mail.

Welcome to us, Nina and Johan and their families!

Contact us

+46 (0)73-0865382

AB Korvfabriken Skattungbyn
Stavasgata 12
794 95 Skattungbyn