Orsa IF Rowing Club

Orsa IF rowing club, Sturfajt’n active in church boat rowing.
We have two church boats, Sturfajt ́n II and Sturfajt ́n III built in 1983 and 2005.
Our business we have at Brandudden where we have boathouse and small clubhouse, the club also has five kayaks.
The team participates in Siljansrodden, we are also part organizer of Orsakajtn/bajkn and arrange the maypole erecting at Ångbåtsudden.
If you want to make a representation row with your company, school class, association or whatever it may be, please contact Hans Lans 0702468340 for prices and arrangements.

Orsa IF rowing club

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Hansjövägen 27
79431 Orsa