Welcome to Orsa Fisheries Conservation Area

Orsa municipality can best be described as the place in Sweden where the south meets the north in the most dramatic way. This “clash of nature” gives rise to a noticeably varied and very interesting nature.

The northern areas, which partly consist of the legendary Finnmark, are of typically barren and scenic northern character with deep forests and large marshes, while the areas down towards the community itself

Orsa rather brings to mind more southern areas with its small broken agricultural landscape, open arable arables and large lakes.

This large variation in the landscape means for us with a great interest in fishing that this area is a “highlight” because it gives rise to a great variety of species and an interesting range for various fishing specializations. In the northern parts, a more or less Norrland-like fishery is offered, with trout and greyling, which also consists of almost natural stocks. If you come further south in the municipality, southern features of the fish fauna such as bream and tench appear.

In the large lakes Orsasjön and Skattungen, which are very species-rich, both norse and vendace occur in large quantities, which means that the food base for species such as pike, trout and perch is very good. The area also boasts valuable populations of large migratory trout that have their growth located in Lake Orsa and Skattungen.

The area is large and if you want to choose the silence and loneliness in your fishing, you have come to the right place, if you want to fly fish in flowing water on natural stocks of grey and trout in northern-like surroundings, you have come to the right place, if you want to troll fish for big pike and trout, you want to meta big bream or id from a prepared fishing stadium, you have come to the right place, If you want to winter fish perch on safe ice, you have come to the right place. There’s so much on offer……

If you are unsure about your fishing or have special requests (team formation, companies, courses, etc.), there are opportunities for guided fishing trips that are tailored by the entrepreneurs who are in the resort. This may be the little extra needed to succeed in their fishing.

For those of you who come from the south, we offer northern nature (and yet so close) and for those of you who come from the north, we actually offer the first inland contact with species such as bream and tench.

If the family is going on holiday and fishing is to be combined with other activities, Orsa is optimal! We are the northern part of the Siljan area that is nationally known for its rich cultural and tourist offer (who does not know about Midsummer in Dalarna?).

A family-friendly place hardly exists – so scenic and so easily accessible.

We warmly welcome you all!

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Orsa Fisheries Conservation Area Association
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