Bio Röda kvarn

Welcome to the cinema Röda kvarn. Biograf Röda Kvarn has been run for many years under the auspices of IOGT-NTO. The cinema was inaugurated at the beginning of the 20th century. The salon has two hundred seats on parquet. The balcony has twenty seats. Adapted for disabled and hearing loop. Renovated in the 1990s.

Today, new updated digital technology is available in the cinema, which makes it possible not only to see films, but also to see the Metropolitan’s opera offerings, concerts or why not a sports event.

Röda kvarn also has a movie club on facebook.
A novelty at the cinema is that there are several gaming computers and opportunities to record their own podcast.

Röda Kvarn is also available for companies and organizations. Röda Kvarn can tailor an event together with an association or company.

The cinema also has 14 sewing machines, which our members use to re-sew or sew new clothes. The sewing workshop is open on Tuesday evenings.


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Järnvägsgatan 33
79430 Orsa