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We offer a pleasant and enjoyable stay at the spa in Stackmora, four kilometers east of Orsa in Dalarna, for private and corporate groups of up to ten guests.

It features traditional Japanese ablution, shower, swimming pool, steam room and relaxation area. The 32°C hot pool is like balm for body and soul. The water is almost chlorine-free and is controlled by the Environment and Health Protection Office. In the pool there is alternating lighting and floating pipes to rest on.

Optional features include a wood-fired hot tub heated to 38-40°C and accommoding 8-10 guests. A cozy and spacious barbecue hut is also available as an option for guests who wish to barbecue before the spa stay.

Book a spa night? In the middle of Dalarna in Stackmora village, 10 minutes from Orsa, 20 minutes from Mora. Read more and book here: www.spacelebration.se More information: 070–922 54 10.

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