Welcome to our winter world in Dalarna

Orsa Grönklitt

Experience the best of two winter worlds, with cross-country skiing through magnificent scenery and alpine skiing of all difficulty levels. The child-friendliness is palpable and is noticeable not only on slopes and trails, but also through a generous range of activities for the resort’s youngest guests. Here the whole family can experience adventures close to nature such as snowmobile safaris and dog sledding.

The summer in Orsa Grönklitt offers exciting challenges, but also time for relaxation next to water and forests. Discover trail running trails, exciting bike trails, canoeing on Lake Rädsjön, swimming in the pool, climbing park and Bärra’s adventure trail. Enjoy cozy accommodation, good restaurants and everything nature has to offer, just outside the corner. Everything is close and easy in Orsa Grönklitt, within walking distance.

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