Enjoy in the Orsanature

Do you want to get more out of your stay in beautiful Orsa? Welcome to a small-group tour. We offer guiding on foot, by bike and on skis. The tours combine nature and cultural experiences with physical activity. You get many opportunities to learn something new, but sometimes it’s nice to just sit down and enjoy and listen to the sounds of the forest.

Examples of activities that we arrange: Flower walks (in Orsa there are mosippas, many orchid species and a fantastic meadow flora), bike tours to mountain pastures, hiking on Orsa’s highest mountain Korpimäki, ski tours in unpaved terrain, family adventures – “nature as a playground”, MTB cycling on fun trails, swimming in small forest lakes. We have fixed arrangements some days, but you are also welcome with your own wishes.

Contact us

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Email info@njutiorsanaturen.se

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