Enåns valley

Start from Hembygdsgården at Orsa’s southern entrance. A 2 km long ravine with remains of the 40 mills that were once in use on the route. The trail arrives at Slättbergsbadet. Unique flora with several rara plants.

Length: 3.5 km. Time required: 2 hours. Severity: Means. Lead marking color: Orange. Lead facts: Exciting hiking trail along the Enån valley. Nature has reclaimed what was previously heavily used by man and there are now fine nature experiences.


Start: At the marina or at Hembygdsgården.
Level: Medium. The joint can sometimes be wet. You need waterproof shoes and sometimes mosquito repellent.

The tour is suitable for children as it is not so long, but varied and exciting. Tour length: Hamnen – Slättbergsbadet = 4.2 km (8.4 km back and forth). Hembygdsgården – Slättbergsbadet = 2.1 km (4.2 km back and forth)

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